The Occasional Baker

About Me

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mam growing up, cooking with her is the real reason I found my love for all things culinary.
Even from a young age (and still do) I would watch a lot of the cooking programmes. I used them for as inspiration for my baking.
My spare time was always taken up with baking, before/ after work, when I got up in the morning, when I got home from school. My favourite past time to test out these recipes and make all sorts of sweet and savoury treats for my family & friends.

When I finished school I found myself at a wall not knowing what I wanted to do? With a little push from my parents I decided upon Thanet College as my next step and took a course in hospitality management as I had been working in hospitality and it also combined the cooking side.
This course helped me not just educationally but also to cement my next step. It helped me decided that hospitality and cooking is what I definitely wanted to do.
Once I had finished this course I found myself a job in London's Park Lane, but I wasn't quite finished with Thanet College, I wanted to carry on for another year studying my favourite area Pastry.
I travelled back and forth for a year 5 days at work in London and 4 days at college in Thanet. It was very hard and a very long year, but in the end I achieved what I set out and got my Level 3 in Pastry.

I have always worked in hospitality but always front of house. It's something I have always done and felt comfortable as big working kitchens can be very full on and a stressful environment, I always knew that I wanted to set up on my own but just didn't know how or when.
When we found out we were having a baby we came to the realisation it would be the best time to start my own business while I am away from work looking after my baby girl. So that is how we came about 'The Occasional Baker'
This way I get to keep doing what I enjoy doing and share with others my treats.

Although none of this would be possible without the patience of my mam and step dad who pushed me through school and made sure I did well and stayed organised but more so, for helping to make my hopes and dreams come true.
My Partner for that little nudge I needed and a huge amount of support, and finally my baby girl just because!! X

Heather Kobylanski, the boss :)


Flick, Aug '13


'The cakes Heather made for us were perfect, the shock of seeing something I had been planning in my mind for 2 years brought me to tears (in a good way) and the cake for Jessicas christening was so beautiful, it seemed a shame to have to cut them but i'm glad we did as they tasted just as wonderful as they looked, thank you again heather!'

Mandy, Oct '13


We cannot thank you enough for our amazing wedding cake!! People are still talking about how wonderful it was!! Not only did she manage to get the vision out of my head to make an even more beautiful cake! The flavours of each layer were a little piece of heaven. We will always havecake from her and truly cannot recommend her more highly!!